Four incredible hikes in the Dolomites

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It’s a muggy afternoon and I’m home in the country, under the air con, escaping the shimmery 40 degree heat outside. It’s always a struggle to crack open the laptop on the weekend (mainly because my 9-5 has me glued to a screen) but there’s so much from our time in Europe I want to share that today’s heat is as good an excuse as any.

I want to start with probably one of our favourite outdoor experiences – hiking and eating our way through the Italian Dolomites. Since we’ve come back to Australia, the number one thing we’ve been asked about is our time in Italy, particularly what it was like to stay in the Italian Rifugios (mountain huts).

The Dolomites are one of the most beautiful parts of the world we have been lucky enough to explore. Nothing prepares you for the combination of oh-so-perfect Italian villages surrounded by tall, jagged, snow capped mountains towering in all directions. The huge number of hikes and trails leading to picturesque rustic mountain huts is a feast for the eyes and the ‘gram (I promise, you literally cannot take a bad photo).

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Healthy Austrian Linzer Cookies

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Hello everyone! It’s officially my first post from our new temporary home, complete with the tiniest kitchen you’ve even seen.

We’re living in the mountain town of Innsbruck, in the west of Austria, wedged between Switzerland, Italy and Germany. We’re still getting used to the idea of driving one hour and being in an entirely new country, when at home we would be fighting to make it to Bondi in under an hour. It’s a crazy feeling, and we’re set on squeezing as much out of our time here as possible.

Innsbruck is smack bang in the midst of a beautiful “fall” – the first proper ‘like-the-movies’ season change I’ve really experienced. The leaves are crazy colours of orange, red and green, and falling in stacks and stacks on the bike paths, crunching as you ride over them. That’s one thing the Europeans do well, the changing of seasons – and bike paths.

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Foodie crush: Emily from This Rawesome Vegan Life

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When it comes to being a bad-ass vegan who champions the goodness of fruit and veggies like no other, Emily from This Rawesome Vegan Life knows what’s up. Not only has she created a super successful, beautiful blog (THE best raw desserts), she’s written and photographed  two cookbooks – all before graduating for university. Say what? Her writing is hilarious, unapologetic and full of energy. It sweeps you along for the ride and makes you look at your relationship to food in a whole new light. I’m genuinely stoked to have the opportunity to talk to her as part of this month’s Foodie Crush.

Everyone, meet Em…

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Spiced blueberry muffins

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Today I made Green Kitchen Stories’ Tumeric Breakfast Muffins with a few convenient tweaks – and can safely add them to my short but solid list of favourites.

I confess I’m not usually a huge muffin fan – except for the time I become obsessed with Commissary’s bran muffins for a 2-week period in West Hollywood – they’re not on my regular rotation. When I do get down to baking them however, they have to be kind of chunky; a good combination of sweet fruit clumps balanced with a savoury ruffage to really hit the spot. They also have to be pretty healthy (‘nuff said) and I don’t want to get the guilts if I smash one on the run to work.

Green Kitchen’s recipe is all this and more – a nice combination of nuts, oats, fruit and spices- it really is breakfast on the go. I’ve named my version Spiced Blueberry Muffins as I swapped out the turmeric for cinnamon. I also added in a grated carrot for an extra burst of nutrients. Eat these warm out of the oven with some good quality butter or coconut oil.

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