Last Breakfast on the Cliff Top

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For the past year or so, my sister has lived on this cliff top. Literally.

Her Secret-Life-Of-Us inspired share house sits at top Dee Why headland in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, with a sprawling back yard that ends abruptly on the very cliff edge. Sadly, the owners have decided to renovate the old-style house, and thus she’s had to pack her bags. These photos are from our last sunrise breakfast a top the cliff – enjoying the stunning 360 views of the ocean while snacking on fruit, nuts and yoghurt.

One of my favourite things to do is squeezing in an early breakfast with friends. I like it because..

a) No one is really busy at 7am. It’s the perfect time to catch up with that long lost friend who’s hard to pin down.

b) You can getaway with wearing your fav work-out gear, helllo Lu Lu Lemon!

c) In the hour you’re usually shuffling around the house in a sleepy daze, you’ve already accomplished something and invested in a relationship. Tick that one off.

We ate: fresh strawberries, sultanas, kiwi fruit, yoghurt (only a little), walnuts  chopped dates.

We drank: Mint tea and fresh OJ

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