Sunday sessions: mini-triathlon

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Be happy / Health & Fitness

I was inspired today
by the efforts of my new roomie who finished an Olympic length triathlon in 10th place. That’s a 2km swim, 40km bike ride and 10km swim for us rookies. Pretty amazing right?

It was a combination of this and the stunning blue morning skies that sparked the idea of doing my own ‘mini-triathlon.’

I kicked things off with the bike leg, interspersed with a quick latte from Classic Coffee (not a standard inclusion in triathlons – but hey). Up next came a 6km run along stunning Manly beach, followed by a few laps in the sparkling ocean pool.

Back home and mid-way through breakfast, I got to thinking about the cool guys at Hello Sunday Morning. The organisation hopes to change people’s relationship with drinking and encourages individuals to take a short break from alcohol.

The concept really struck a chord with me, particularly after such an amazing Sunday morning outside and in the ocean.

I would encourage everyone to ditch the drink and have a dry weekend every once in while – go on a bike ride, check out that market you’ve been meaning to, or grab a mate for a walk and a coffee. You’ll be surprised how long the days feel, how your head and tummy will love you and how less depressing that alarm on Monday morning is.

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