Sunday sessions: March

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2013-03-10 11.28.53It still astounds me how much I love Sundays. They feel a bit more comfy than Saturdays for some reason, more relaxed and with less expectations. You can cocoon yourself in a doona for as long as you desire, watch an entire season of Suits (if you don’t know Suits, you should) or forget to wear socially acceptable clothing and no one would bat a weary eyelid.

Sundays are the shiz.

Despite, I admit, having ticked off all of the above activities at some stage, my Sunday’s generally stick to a happy routine – get up, and get outside as much as possible. Eat the best food possible. Hang out with the best people possible. And that’s pretty much it folks.

I’ve come to cherish my Sundays, and so thought once a month I would share my day in photos – and hope that others too are squeezing the most happiness and healthiness from their Sundays.

Get up, get outside: Take a break by one of the sparkling ocean pools that dot my route to Shelley Beach. There were two elderly ladies in polka dot one-pieces floating on their backs as I ran past, gossiping about their grandchildren. I ran with a goofy smile on my face for the next couple of kms.

Breakfast: I like running before breakfast, I feel a lot lighter and dreaming of what I’m going to eat at the end of the 10kms keeps me motivated. (Yep, I love food).

Today I had a fresh young coconut, with a bowl of “almond smash.”

Almond Smash:

  • Chia seeds soaked in almond milk overnight (creates a thick pudding consistency)
  • A scoop of almond nut butter
  • 1 sliced white nectarine
  • A sprinkle oats and shredded coconut

Arvo study & squash: For the rest of the afternoon I cracked out my nutrition books and delved into a few hours of Primary Foods and Bio-individuality. Ridiculously interesting, and I’ll be blogging more about these nutrition topics as I get further into my holistic nutrition studies.

Study done, I grabbed a mate for an hour of sweaty, hands-on-knees-belly-laugh inducing squash. Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve never smashed a tiny black rubber ball around a squash court I would say go, go now and find your local court! The unglamorous sister of tennis, squash is a killer workout, you can let out all that inner angst and unlike tennis, you’re never chasing all the loose balls around (unless like me you occasionally get excited and hit one over the glass wall).

It’s a win-win, trust me give it a go.

Wrap it up: Nothing says reeelllaaaxx like spiced organic chai tea. Just smelling the stuff puts me in a zen-like state. I’m teeny bit proud of myself for finally mastering the almond milk frothing – the key is to use the Pure Harvest Organic brand, and it thickens like regular milk. For a gal trying to ween herself off soy, this is a major fist-pump moment.

Yours in Sundays,

Ebony x

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Aussie food lover, holistic health coach, adventure seeker and marketer. Packing the happy & healthy into every day.

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