Product review: Fine Fettle Flats

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Found! The go-to biscuit to put nutrition back into nibbles.

Girls, let me run this senario by you. It’s a Friday night, and you’ve met up with your girlfriends. You’re excited, it’s the end of the week and you plan to have some drinks and nibbles before hitting the town.

Ah nibbles, they seem relatively harmless right? Much “lighter” than dinner with the insinuation you pick at a little bit of this and little bit of that.

Let’s say you start with an array of dips, a few nice soft and gooey cheeses, biscuits, bread sticks, olives, chips, more biscuits, bread, sakatas, more biscuits….

And then bham, it happens. You’re stuffed, bloated, and wondering how you can strategically hold your bag in front of your tummy for the rest of the night. To make matters worse you’ve filled up on nutritionally void, processed watercrackers and instead of going out you’d now rather curl up on the couch in that fav pair of stretchy trackies.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been there. Over and over. I have a nibbles achilles heal you might say. And although I know it’s not great for me, I enjoy the friday night tradition of laughs and conversation too much to give it up completey.

ENTER Fine Fettle FLATS – my new weapon in the fight against unhealthy nibbles.

I was introduced me to these colourful and cleverly packaged goodies a few weeks ago, and I was instantly impressed (not to mention proud that a brand has finally got it!)

These biscuits are quite simply squished vegetables and nuts, that have been dried (rather than fried or bakes as most biscuits are) to preserve their nutritional value. They’re gluten free, preservative free and come in some cool ‘flavours.’

Zucchini & almond, tomato & basil, corn & paprika or exotic spiced pear & hazelnut. Ooooh la la.

Run your eye down the ingredients list, and it’s refreshing to see they are all REAL FOODS, no numbers, no weird vegetable gums or any kind of corn syryp.

Did I mention they taste amazing?

Price: Around $5 or $6 from memory. Definitely in the more expensive category, but sadly most healthy alternatives are!

Where? Find your nearest stockist here. (Or take a qantas flight and you’ll find them in your snack pack)

In my minds eye, I can picture my next daliance with nibbles. An array of flats, some zingy homemade hummus and colourful chopped veggies. Armed with my nibbles safe guards, let’s hope next Friday night is as healthy as it is happy.

Snack on!

Ebony x

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