Homemade almond and date milk

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I finally got my act together and whipped up a batch of my very own almond milk. The resulting deliciousness made me wonder why I had hesitated for so long! I’ve been buying the long-life variety from the supermarket for the last 6-months or so in a bid to reduce the amount of soy in my diet. There’s a lot of debate over whether soy products are good or bad for you (read some of the concerning facts and opinions here) which can lead to a lot of confusion. I strive for balance and moderation in life – so the same goes for my milk! Simply instead of soy milk every day, I switch between homemade almond, rice and soy on the odd occasion.

The idea of blending my own milk never really occurred to me until I started devouring health food blogs to all hours of the night, and came across recipe after recipe of the stuff. The sound of the almond pulping and grinding is strangely satisfying and you’ll forgive yourself for feeling a bit Martha Stewart-esq in the kitchen as your blender does it’s thing.


  • 2 cups raw almonds soaked in water overnight
  • 1/2 cup pitted medjool dates soaked overnight with almonds to sweeten
  • 2- 3 cups of water

How to go about it:

  • Drain almonds and dates
  • Blend almonds, dates and 2 cup sof room-temperature water until smooth. Depending on the speed of your blender, it might be better to add only a small handful of almonds at a time.
  • Add the third cup of water and blend (optional)

I like my milk on the thick side, so I didn’t strain. But you can use a cheese cloth to strain away the pulp if you prefer a more milky, liquid texture. (Save the pulp to use for some other tasty recipes) Store in the fridge for up to 5 days – perfect for smoothies, muesli, porridge, spooning into your mouth sheepishly…

Note: If you’re pressed for time, my favourite store bought almond milk is the Almond Breeze Unsweetened. Keep an eye out for high levels of sugar in some other brands and read the label carefully.  Some brands have no more than 2% almonds. In almond milk. Seriously?!

Ebony x


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