Month: April 2013

The perfect green smoothie

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This is it folks. A momentous occasion. I think I’ve finally found the winning combination to green smoothie goodness. Write this recipe down and whack it on your fridge! I’ve tried so many different combinations that I would call myself a somewhat expert in the field.  This blend has just the right amount of sweetness, is pleasantly thick without getting stuck in your straw and still packs a big nutritional hit from some favourite superfoods kale, almonds […]

Foodie Crush: Amanda Brocket

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Foodie Crush

I initially stumbled across Amanda from The Raw Food Kitchen via her Facebook page (where she hosts an impressive 20,000 followers) and was excited to learn she is based only a few beaches away from me in Sydney. Inspired through my studies by guest lecturer David Wolfe – the world renowned foodie and poster-child of the raw world, I was proud to see Amanda doing her thing for the raw food movement in our own backyard. Like […]

A little jaunt to Mexico

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Is it just me, or is answering the question ‘so, how was your trip?’ akin to describing the plot of Inception in one sentence? It’s just not possible to get across the smell of the local food as you wander the streets, or that feeling of an unknown ocean brushing your toes in a socially acceptable timeframe. I tend to resort to excellent describing words such as ‘awesome, really cool and my favourite ‘just the best! I’ve come to realise […]

The healthy ANZAC biscuit

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I’m posting this as fast as my little fingers can type to give all you amazing healthy peeps the chance to bake these before tomorrow (which for those international visitors is ANZAC day here in Oz). ANZAC day is commemorated on the 25th of April each year, and is a time to remember all those who lost their lives in service to their country, in all wars. So how did the ANZAC biscuit come about? Well, the […]