Foodie Crush: Amanda Brocket

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Foodie Crush


I initially stumbled across Amanda from The Raw Food Kitchen via her Facebook page (where she hosts an impressive 20,000 followers) and was excited to learn she is based only a few beaches away from me in Sydney. Inspired through my studies by guest lecturer David Wolfe – the world renowned foodie and poster-child of the raw world, I was proud to see Amanda doing her thing for the raw food movement in our own backyard.

Like many in the health-food world, Amanda turned to a holistic way of living after a long-term battle with illness and a lack of results from modern medicine. She now practices a completely raw way of eating, juicing, blending and chopping her way to optimum health!

Founder of The Raw Food Kitchen, Amanda runs raw food workshops, creates seriously amazing raw recipes and has written a number of e-books that inspire people to try raw foods.

1. What made you become a raw food advocate?
I suffered from systemic candida for over 5 years and could never truly get well – I tried so many treatment programs, you name it I was up for it! But I never felt 100%. Until I stumbled across raw – and I started to feel truly well again. That was a light bulb moment for me and I have since gone on to make it my passion to help other people enjoy the rawsome health benefits of a raw food diet.

2. For those of us who haven’t ventured into a health food store for a while – what exactly does eating raw mean?
Eating raw is about consuming a mainly organic plant based diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Its free from meat, wheat, dairy, refined sugar and in some cases, gluten. Because food is in its raw live form is much easier for our bodies to digest due to the bounty of enzymes it contains, it gives the body more of a chance to clean house so to speak, regenerate and renew rather than spending all its time and energy digesting – which is what happens when we consume cooked, or processed foods.

3. If you were trying to encourage a friend to try raw food, what meal would you make for them?
Always a dessert! Probably the Berry Swirl Cheesecake or a Chocolate Mousse. People are always blown away by how divine raw food desserts taste and better yet are actually good for you! And super easy to make. This always gets people interested, and its a true delight for anyone suffering from a wheat or dairy intolerance.

4. Let’s talk sweat. What do you do to stay active?
My favourite way to sweat is Power Yoga. Its not only a great workout but good for the mind as well. It helps keep me focused, in the moment and is a great stress reliever! After that you can’t beat a beach run followed by a swim in summer :)

5. Any tips on starting up your own health & lifestyle business?
Be passionate. Live your dream. Be persistent. And patient! (A hard one for me ;-)) Its hard work but the rewards are well worth it and I don’t necessarily mean in monetary terms here. Its about giving back and being able to help people lead healthier lives, it makes all the hard work worth it.

6. Recipe you’re loving at the moment!
I never thought I would say this but I actually think I am addicted to my apricot, fig and ginger buckwheat cereal recipe. Close second would be almond milk with half a banana, cacao, hemp protein, bee pollen, vanilla bean powder, chia seeds, blended. A creamy healthy chocolate milkshake. Yum!

The Local Roundup:

Best Cafe: Pure Wholefoods Manly – the closest we have to a raw café on the northern beaches!

Best Beach: Any beach in Manly or the Northern Beaches. We are so spoilt with the choices here!

Best Walk: Foreshore of Fairlight to Manly Wharf. Middle Harbour. Balgowlah Heights to Reef Beach. Little Collins to North Head.

Where I’d take a tourist: My kitchen!

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