Month: May 2013

Honey balsamic Brussels sprouts

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Food & Recipes / Mains

Earlier this week I was meandering through the supermarket with a friend, discussing why as the weather gets colder, we both always crave the big C -CARBS CARBS CARBS, and those bigger, heartier meals our boyfriends would be proud of. Ever noticed how on a winter’s evening there’s nothing that floats your boat more than a hearty bowl of pumpkin soup, but in the summer you’ll happily skip off into the sunset having consumed only […]

Super sanga with creamy lemon tahini dressing

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Food & Recipes

Sometimes you just need to eat a sandwich. It’s a time when no salad in the world is going to satisfy, when an undeniable urge comes over you to crunch down on some awesomeness between two (or in this case one) bits of bread. This bad boy of a sanga more than satisfies, it packs a nutritious whallop, is vegan & veggie friendly and tastes really really good. Bread: I used a toasted organic buckwheat loaf that I […]

Spaghetti bolognese with zucchini noodles

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Food & Recipes / Mains

For the first 18 years of my life, my parents would ask me what I wanted to eat for my special birthday dinner. And every year, I kid you not, I would request the following; spaghetti bolognese (don’t scrimp on the cheddar cheese) accompanied by a HUGE caesar salad, buttery garlic bread and a cold glass of milk. No ice-cream cake, no fairy bread or chocolate – just sign me up for some of that home-cooked spag-bowl goodness. I still […]

Mudgee food diaries

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  Since moving up to Sydney from Melbourne in 2009, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never really embraced the entirety of New South Wales. I feel I’m still a Victorian girl at heart, and truth-be-told NSW always seemed a bit big, dry and uninspiring outside of my sunny beachside existence in Sydney. Keen to challenge to my opinion, I spent last weekend in the foodie haven of Mudgee, in Central West NSW about a 4-hour […]