Nike She Runs Sydney 2013

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Cue sweaty hugs, high fives, group stretching and fireballs! Over the weekend I pulled on my Nike runners, leggings and singlet (yes I’m a marketers dream) and ran the 10km all-women race around Sydney’s Centennial Park.

My first moonlight run, I have to say I had an absolute blast alongside 6,000 other fit gals whose energy, smiles and encouragement totally made the event one to remember. I hate to gender-stereotype, but the porter loos were wonderfully clean. Go girls.

To keep motivation high during the race, there were ‘surprises’ dotted along the track; plumes of fire shooting from the sidewalk, pump-up music blasting as you hit each kilometer and glowsticks gone wild. My bestie, and champion runner Erin decided it was like a music-festival, with lycra mandatory and water the drink of choice.

Now, I’m allowing myself a little fist-pump moment since I achieved my goal of running 10kms under 1 hour! Yeow! Even after the slight mishap of losing my lunch behind a tree mid-race – (don’t eat a BIG rice salad, drink a BIG smoothie within 3 hours of running 10 kilometers  – I’ll give you the hot tip) – I was able to solider on and cross the line in just under 60 minutes. It was typical of the atmosphere of the night, that when I slowed to a walk convinced there was a small animal ferreting around my stomach, a fellow runner gave me a slap on the back and yelled – ‘c’mon you can do it!’ in front of I’m convinced hundreds of other runners. How wonderfully supportive and at the same time mortifying that I could not explain the dreaded lunch/smoothie/run combo to her mid-stride. You win some you lose some.

Having not run a straight 10kms in a looonng time, I was suprised at how the energy of the other runners, the cool night air and the adrenaline that comes with a competitive race got me over the line. I can honestly say I kind of floated along the first 5kms without even realising – it was a sweet feeling.

If you’ve never competed in a fun-run around Sydney, you’re missing out! There are so many to choose from, to suit all fitness levels and locations. The feeling you get when you run, crawl, hobble over the finish line is euphoric, you bag a swag load of endorphines and in my books that’s totally worth the $70 entry fee.

Upcoming races in Sydney:

Hyde Park, Sydney, Sun 19 May
The Corso, North Styne Manly, Sydney
Sun 19 May
MS Walk and Fun Run
Hyde Park, Sydney
Sun 2 Jun
Men’s Health Urbanathlon
Metcalf Park, Sydney
Sun 16 Jun
Sydney Running Festival
Bradfield Park, Sydney
Sun 22 Sep

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