Month: June 2013

Wholegrain mashed banana granola

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Food & Recipes / Smoothies & Breakfast

I’ve got to say, walking down the supermarket cereal isle really gets my goat. Pushes my buttons. It’s a psychedelic marketing wonderland where health claims are shouted at you in colourful boxes. Where wholegrain actually means processed and high in energy means a bucket-load of sugar. I rarely step foot in this scary supermarket-ing zone, treading carefully in the fruit and veggie sections – and if I do it’s a mad dash to the very […]

My go to veggie burger

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Food & Recipes / Mains

One of my new years resolutions was to bring my lunch to the office everyday instead of buying it. I made the commitment after one too many dazed walks through the food court across the road, wandering idly from sushi vendor to juice bar and back again. I’m now 100% DIY, the queen of Tupperware and the lady of lunch bags! Oh yeah. I’ve stopped explaining to the salad bar staff that no, I didn’t want […]

‘Cheesy’ kale chips

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Food & Recipes / Snacks

Cheese flavoured Doritos are probably the furthest thing from real food you can get. The shape, the shelf life, that radioactive orange colour! Do they even contain corn? Questionable. It’s a known fact they have about the same nutritional value as a paper bag, and it’s pretty obvious that ingesting copious amounts of dextrin, maltodextrin, dextrose, processed flour, corn syrup, transfat, MSG + 32 other unrecognisable ingredients isn’t the best thing for you. Duh. But […]

A weekend to just be: Smiths Lake NSW

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Get Outside / Travel

Last weekend me and the bf packed up the car, ditched work early and headed north in search of waves, fish and some chill out time. MacBooks, iPads and iPhones  – let’s just say anything with an Apple on it (real apples allowed) were swapped for hot mugs of tea at sunrise, kayak paddles, surf boards and salt encrusted fishing rods. It was truly the perfect way to spend two days out of town and […]