A weekend to just be: Smiths Lake NSW

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32470021Smiths Lake  |  Every Healthy DayLast weekend me and the bf packed up the car, ditched work early and headed north in search of waves, fish and some chill out time. MacBooks, iPads and iPhones  – let’s just say anything with an Apple on it (real apples allowed) were swapped for hot mugs of tea at sunrise, kayak paddles, surf boards and salt encrusted fishing rods. It was truly the perfect way to spend two days out of town and slooowww down. Getting away for a weekend is the best way for me to check in and make sure I’m/we’re going okay, ditch any work stress and just be. Everyone needs to just be every now and again – ya know?

We set up ‘camp’ at a pretty spectacular lake house in the tiny town of Smiths Lake, close to Bluey’s and Boomerang Beach and about 30 mins from Forster on the mid-north coast of NSW. Bobby & Marzena –  a retired couple from Sydney were our Airbnb* hosts, and ensured with had everything we needed – from kayak hire, a purpose build camp fire and all importantly their local fishing knowledge. Their veggie garden was also a serious source of envy!3247000532470006Over two days we kayaked, walked, talked, ate, watched the surf and actually surfed. Time went by gloriously slowly, with the most pressing issues what to eat for dinner, and how many coffees were too many coffees.

With lots of enthusiasm I encourage you to choose a weekend, and ditch city life for a few days. Grab a mate, sibling or loved one and get out! Sometimes you don’t even realise you’re feeling overstretched until you let yourself really relax, and get away from your usual life. Most importantly away from all the distractions, the Facebook scrolling, appointment times, work emails and spending hours trying to find a park at Bondi (my number one most hated weekend activity).

Sometimes I reckon it’s okay to just be. Ebony x

*Airbnb is possibly the coolest accommodation website and concept going around. If you haven’t heard of it or used it before, you’re missing out on a truly unique and awesome travel experience. The basic premise is people can rent out their homes, rooms, apartments and lodges to travellers from all around the world. You can list your accommodation, or book a holiday rental through the website.

For us, the best part is always meeting the hosts and getting their local knowledge of the area. We’ve stayed in a retro house in Los Angeles hosted by a blues playing Hawaiian chef with an incredible record collection, a beautiful villa in Mexico hosted by a Dutch couple with possibly the cutest 5-year old daughter to speak 3 languages, a swanky apartment in the centre of Paris and a beach shack in Bali. All our experiences have been 100% positive, and have become the trip highlights we talk about the most. Check it out for yourself at: www.airbnb.com

Smiths Lake  | Every Healthy Day3247001532500005 32500015 3247001232500020Smiths Lake  |  Every Healthy Day

Best coffee: Frothy’s Coffee
Locally made honey, jams and relishes: Café Twenty By Twelve
Airbnb accommodation: The Pavilion Lake House

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Aussie food lover, holistic health coach, adventure seeker and marketer. Packing the happy & healthy into every day.


  1. This trip looks divine! I can’t wait to explore Australia more when I move back! I have a coffee query… Do you drink coffee at home? If so, what and how? I’m feeling all the coffee I drink isn’t too good for me but I LOVE it and giving it up will do more harm than good in my happiness stakes! I’d love to know about how you take your coffee and if there are really healthy ways to drink it?!

    • Hey Lauren! It was simply devine – definitely worth a trip up the coast. Coffee is a tricky one! As with everything in life, I think moderation is key. I generally limit myself to about two coffees per week, mostly on the weekends. When I do drink coffee it will either be a 3/4 latte with soy or almond milk, or a long black. I treat coffee as a bit of a treat, and definitely don’t rely on it to wake up in the mornings. If you’re going to have it at home everyday, I would go for a long black from a percolator if you have one, with a small dash of nut-milk if you need. Hope that helps! : )

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