Month: July 2013

6 easy ways to slow down

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Be happy / Get Outside

Girl, life is crazy. Sometimes it reminds me of that annual race in England, where folks chase a wheel of cheese down a really steep hill. Got the visual? For many, it feels like when you’re not at work running to the boss’s schedule, you’re creating your own manic schedule of friends, drinks, kids, to-do lists and appointments. Throw in a beeping iPhone, and a lengthy Facebook group message (notifications turned ONNN) and you’re starting […]

Throw together bliss balls + superfoods explained

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Food & Recipes / Snacks

The world of ‘wellness’ can be a funny one sometimes. It’s a bit like the fashion industry  – where fads come and go before you can say royal jelly, and one is that populated by people who tend to forget not everybody is concerned about the mercury level in that tuna sashimi you’re about to eat. I admit, striving for optimal wellness can be addictive. I’m won’t shy away from the fact that I can […]

Foodie crush: Eleanor Ozich

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Dessert / Food & Recipes / Foodie Crush / Snacks

Eleanor’s simple and beautifully photographed recipes are an inspiration to many healthy cooks around the world. Her blog – Petite Kitchen –  is one you could lose yourself in for hours, rolling lazily from homemade honey beeswax moisturising creme to boiled orange chocolate cake. Auckland local, author, blogger and mum to little Izabella – Eleanor’s simple recipes reflect a slow and conscious way of eating, using whole and lovingly selected ingredients. I am so thankful […]

Healthy lemon slice + a bakers guide to raw food

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Food & Recipes / Gluten free / Snacks

I first fell for the raw brownie, then the raw bliss balls and pretty soon I was riding the raw dessert train all the way to cheesecake nirvana. You could say I’m a baker turned master of the food processor. So what’s all the fuss about raw desserts? And is it really better for you? The raw food movement is gaining huge momentum in foodie circles, fuelled by green smoothies and the urge to get […]