Month: August 2013

Jindabyne and the high country

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Ask any of my friends, and they’ll tell you I’m down for a bit of last-minute fun. Well actually they’d probably say I have a penchant for sending last minute text messages inviting them to exciting events I’ve only found out about at 4pm, littered with phrases such as COME COME COME, I’ll pick you up, MEET ME THERE! For some of my more virgo-esq friends, who plan a few weeks in advance, this can […]

Green bircher muesli + 5 easy ways to go organic

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I tend to see the organic versus conventional produce debate a bit like the old Vitamin D and skin cancer nutshell. Let me explain. So you’re out in the sunshine soaking up that all-important Vitamin D, essential for good health. Go you! Rejoice for healthy bones! Until you realise that too much sunlight can give you skin cancer and you’re diving for the 30+. What the deuce? What’s a girl to do? Same goes for […]

Apple, rhubarb & blueberry crumble

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What does home mean to you? For me it means long weekends in the country. It means market trawling, avocado picking, and a whole lotta cooking. It means the sound of wood getting chopped, fire being stoked and the thud thud thud of a little fox terrier’s tail against the glass door. It’s a treat to come home and do precisely nothing for a couple of days except eat, read, walk and relax. Did I […]