Jindabyne and the high country

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Ask any of my friends, and they’ll tell you I’m down for a bit of last-minute fun. Well actually they’d probably say I have a penchant for sending last minute text messages inviting them to exciting events I’ve only found out about at 4pm, littered with phrases such as COME COME COME, I’ll pick you up, MEET ME THERE!

For some of my more virgo-esq friends, who plan a few weeks in advance, this can be kind of annoying. Sorry guys – you know who you are! Luckily however, for my blonde better half it works pretty sweetly.

He’s a spontaneous kinda guy, one who casually decides to fly half way across the world 1-week in advance to surprise his best mates on a surfing trip in France. I’ve been told the look on their faces was priceless.

Together we’ve booked Eminem tickets an hour before the show – (because how better to spend a spare Sunday arvo?) and jumped out of a plane because we were told it was a good day for it. Throwing plans out the door, and hitting the road on a whim is totally liberating. It’s that feeling you get on a Friday afternoon at 5pm, when work takes a backseat to weekend fun and adventures. Papers are thrown and emails unopened.

Our latest spur-of-the-moment adventure was triggered by a check of the snow report. Bags were hastily packed on Thursday night, in anticipation for a post-work dash down the highway to the Snowy Mountains – one of my favourite parts of Australia.

Jindabyne and the high country - Every Healthy Day 2013-08-22 09.41.51

I’ve said it before, but there’s definitely something about being in the mountains that just evens you out.  I love the crisp clean air, the glistening freshwater lakes and the stone fireplaces. It’s the driving from sunny Sydney to chilly Jindabyne and feeling like you’ve landed in another country.

We’ve spent time in the Snowies in both summer and winter, and always have enough fun to justify the 6-hour drive. In the winter we head up to Thredbo, skis and snowboards in toe for a few days searching for illusive Australian powder. In the summer it’s fishing and jaunts to the top of Australia.

So what are you doing next weekend? Fancy getting out of the city? Some of the most memorable things are unplanned, un-budgeted… basically throw lots of ‘uns’ in there. But they’re also some of the best.

2013-08-22 09.37.15 photo (2) Jindabyne and the high country - Every Healthy Day

A quick foodie’s guide to Jindy

Best roadtrip stopover: Sydney – Jindabyne night drive

Goulburn Bakery: Officially the coldest and windiest place in Australia*, also home to the late night institution that is the Goulburn Bakery (fondly knows as Trappers Bakery after its rabbit trapping owner – no actual rabbit sold at the bakery I believe). Here you can be guaranteed a hot pie, coffee or huge block of vanilla slice. Healthy friends, it’s not exactly vegan/gluten/sugar friendly! But it’s got a bit of history behind it, which I like.

* According to us.

Best roadtrip stopover: Jindabyne – Sydney day drive

The Lott Foodstore, Cooma: For a healthier option on the way back to Sydney, drop into The Lott Foodstore. A rustic country café and store selling quality kitchen pots, pans and hefty chopping boards. The food is pretty stellar – hearty soups, sangas and lots of baked goods.  We grabbed a quiche, soup and roast vegetable sandwhich takeaway for all under $20. Sold.

Best breakfast, lunch, schnapps & view

Wildbrumbies Distillery: Brumbies is my little slice of heaven. It’s high quality, rustic without being tacky, and has views over the high country that would put a smile on Banjo Patterson’s face. Perfectly located half way between Jindabyne and Thredbo – it’s a place to pull over for really decent food, plus a low-key schnapps tasting (pink lady apple, don’t even try anything else). Did I mention you can stroll the around the extensive property, taking in sculptures, lavender gardens and organic raspberry patches while you’re at it? YOU MUST GO THERE.

2013-08-22 09.43.48

Best dinner

Jindy Rock-N-Pot (open winter only): Don’t be put off by the bistro style décor and trestle tables – the Rock-N-Pot does kinda rock in it’s own unique way. Nowhere else in Jindy can you stonecook your own tuna steak while peering at your friends through a haze of delish smelling smoke.  Think laid back Aussie atmosphere, with a touch of après ski.  It seems everyone loves a good sizzle, so make sure you book on a Friday or Satuary night.

If you’re in Jindy in the summer, try Eboshi Japanese or Mexican Cocina Grill & Cantina.

Ebony x

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Aussie food lover, holistic health coach, adventure seeker and marketer. Packing the happy & healthy into every day.


  1. I love this! I’m very adventurous and always wanna just do something last minute for the fun of it buy my hubbie unfortunately is not :( I wish there was a way I could get him to let go a little so we could go off exploring together!

    • Thanks @infatuationstation! Perhaps planning a bit of adventure in advance would be a compromise for you two? And then you can work your way towards some last minute trips! :)

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