Bendalong camping + a mini digital detox

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Bendalong Long Weekend  | Every Healthy DayBendalong Long Weekend  |  Every Healthy DayThere were a few factors that lead to a chilled out long weekend camping on the South Coast of Australia sans social media. Sorry Zuckerberg. Here are a few of them:

 1. My sister recently wrote a killer blog post about her experience on a one-month digital detox while visiting my other sister in Paris and Berlin. (Both my sisters run beautiful blogs of their own – check them out here and here.)  For elder sis Lani, it meant minimal phone usage, definitely no social media, and limiting herself to only shooting images on her film camera. While not entirely successful (see sneaky iPhone usage for essential travel organisation), Lani was inspired by Berlin locals reading paperbacks on the train instead of hunching over their phones, and watching people meet for coffee without their phones out on the table waiting expectantly for the next notification. In short, her experience and commentary resounded with my social media habits – and clarified the need for a serious break.

2. I do social media for work, I do social media for this lovely little blog, and I sometimes do it for myself if I can muster up the energy. I’m a walking talking list of logins and passwords, notification emails, twitter mentions, Pinterest pins, YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers. My scrolling thumb is getting sore just thinking about it. Sheesh. Lately I’ve found the habit of constantly monitoring the world from a screen is becoming a little too ingrained. Time to detox!

3. The bf and I bought a ridiculously awesome 2-man tent plus two Poler napsacks that needed to go their maiden adventure. If you’re unsure why a napsack is probably the best thing you’re going to see all day – watch this.

photo (16)afterlight (9)afterlight (7)Bendalong Camping + digital detox  |  Every Healthy Day Blog IMG_0085So with all this in mind, a long weekend out of Sydney sounded like the sweetest opportunity to ditch the phone and go a-la-natural for a few days. We packed three cars to the brim with surfboards, tents and healthy food in jars (well us gals did), and cruised down to the sleepy coastal town of Bendalong.

The two girlfriends that tagged along – god bless ‘em – have pretty similar outlooks on life to me. Instead of checking out photos of people we know on Facebook, or spending hours on Tinder (how weird is Tinder by the way?), we read books and spent all day at the beach. We ran, walked and had Steph tell us which Ayurvedic body type she thought we all were. We unpacked our bags of oats, chia seeds, roasted edamame and homemade peanut butter without a second thought while sneakily devouring smores by firelight after dinner (a homage to Steph’s American roots.)

So how did it feel to go phone-free for three days? Pretty awesome I must admit, though it did feel weird to think ‘this would make a sweet Instagram’ and then not whip out my phone. Same goes for checking my networks first thing in the morning. It’s funny how things can become habit so quickly.

The real upside? I felt free to actually enjoy moments such as watching a pod of dolphins dive through the waves and the surfers – without looking at it through my phone or wanting to ‘get the shot.’. I had more time to laze around listening to the guitar being played, have long conversations and to simply have a damn good read.

On that note, when the last time you read a really good book? I’m a bookworm from way back (hello MS Read-a-thon champion 98’) thanks to my forward-thinking parents dislike of TV – and it’s a constant annoyance that I don’t make time to read more in everyday life. Funnily, not having a phone made me feel like I had more time for stuff like reading, and it forced me to be more ‘present’ (as yogi as that sounds). Namaste you crazy cats.

So as you read this blog, probably by clicking the link on Facebook or through my post on Instagram (oh the irony!) perhaps think about a mini digital detox this month. You reckon you could do it?  Head out for dinner with your buddies without ‘checking in’. Watch a beautiful sunset and burn it into your memory. Don’t take photos, don’t gram, tweet or pin. I double dare you.

afterlight (12)afterlight (11)afterlight (15)IMG_0107We stayed: Rustic Caravan Park – check out some amazing photography of the quirky park owners here. It was about a 5-minute car ride to the beach, or a 20-minute run if you’re keen. Super relaxed vibe, rustic (who’d of guessed?) with tonnes of space at each campsite and awesome fire barrels for late night marshmallows.

We ate: Chia seed and oat pudding for breakfast with fresh fruit. Gluten free salad wraps for lunch, and BBQ’d beef and salad for dinner. Snacks included lots of nuts, fruit and roasted edemame.

Sneaky smores = dark chocolate + marshmallows + granita biscuits cooked over the fire. Not every Every Healthy Day, but man they were a highlight!

Ebony x

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Aussie food lover, holistic health coach, adventure seeker and marketer. Packing the happy & healthy into every day.


  1. Martyna I totally agree! You miss out on the little things when viewing the world through a screen. It’s really great to be aware of it, and schedule in little no-phone weekends here and there. Ebony x

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