Month: November 2013

Anti-inflammatory green smoothie

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Food & Recipes / Gluten free

I haven’t had the best luck this week. In the space of a few days I sprained my ankle during a basketball game and a rogue car drove into my little black Carolla’s back door. Drats. On the ankle front, my foot is a nice shade of blue and roughly about the size of a large tennis ball. Blogs have been written in bed, and frozen peas applied liberally. As I learn more through my […]

Foodie crush: Lola Berry

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Foodie Crush

If I could step into the shoes (or bare feet) of another person for a few weeks, I reckon Lola Berry’s would be pretty darn amazing. A nutritionist, best-selling author of the ’20/20 Diet’, media goddess, soon-to-be yoga instructor and just all around cool kid, Lola is kicking ass and getting her healthy lifestyle message out there to the masses. Who couldn’t love someone who hands out actual Black Eyed Peas on the red carpet […]

Raw caramel tart to impress your mates

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Dessert / Food & Recipes / Gluten free

I have this delectable summer tart to thank for reigniting my love affair with raw sweets. You see I’ve unintentionally jumped off the raw bandwagon recently. I blame bliss ball saturation. Or perhaps my head couldn’t take another round of almonds vs food processor. And I did bite into (god forbid) a dodgy medjool date only last week. I know, such blasphemy. Thankfully though, my short-lived raw hiatus came to an end when a dinner […]