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Foodie Crush

Food crush: Lola Berry  |  Every Healthy Day Lola Berry 1

If I could step into the shoes (or bare feet) of another person for a few weeks, I reckon Lola Berry’s would be pretty darn amazing. A nutritionist, best-selling author of the ’20/20 Diet’, media goddess, soon-to-be yoga instructor and just all around cool kid, Lola is kicking ass and getting her healthy lifestyle message out there to the masses.

Who couldn’t love someone who hands out actual Black Eyed Peas on the red carpet at a Black Eyed Peas event? Genius.

Everyone, a big high five and hello to Melbourne local, one miss Lola Berry.

What’s your food philosophy and how did it begin?
For me food is about nourishing your body and sharing food with the people you love.

Can explain your 20/20 diet?
It’s a simple whole foods way of eating and it’s how I lost 20kg in 20 weeks. It’s also paleo inspired so think cave man, lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, meats, loads of whole foods. This diet has no diary, sugar or grains. I use a little quinoa and goats or sheep’s yoghurt as alternatives.

Health food stores can be a confusing place! What are your essential ingredients?
1. Coconut oil – it’s a safe cooking oil and full of health goodies and it even speeds up your metabolism!!
2. Tea: there are so many good ones out there.
3. Chia seeds; I love making chia seed pudding for brekkie.
4. Avocado: I eat avos pretty much every day
5. Berries take almost any meal to the next level!

What would an actual ‘lola berry’ look and taste like? :)
Haha! I think it would be bright, look a bit quirky and taste super sweet.

If you were trying to encourage a friend to eat healthier, what would you cook for them?
Probably a quinoa salad with crispy salmon cooked in coconut oil and topped with coriander and fresh lime juice.

Let’s talk sweat. What do you do to stay active?
I’m a yoga nerd so that’s my favourite way to work out the body, mind and spirit.

Any tips on getting started in the nutrition and health industry?
Just make sure whatever you’re doing, you love it. That’s the magic key.

Your go-to meals and snacks when you’re travelling
I just go for whole foods no matter where I am, it’s a great way to discover local health foods. I was just in Hawaii and the Acai bowls are amazing!

Health mantra:
Be in the moment when it comes to health and all aspects of your life. Presence is key.

The Local Roundup – 
Best Cafe: Shoku Iku – A raw food spot in Northcote, Melbourne.
Best Beach: Waimnalo – that’s in Hawaii but I think it’s the best beach in the world!
Best Walk:  1000 steps in Melbourne is unreal!

Where I’d take a tourist: Probably the Healesville wildlife sanctuary. There’s a great animal rehabilitation centre there. :)

 A recipe from Lola: Quinoa Nori Metabolism-Boosting Wraps
Nori (which is this stuff; seaweed) combined with the veggie protein power of Quinoa and colourful veggies makes this meal a nutritional gold-mine. The metabolism boost comes from the seaweed – a naturally high source of mineral iodine, which the thyroid needs to do its job of regulating the metabolism.

Starting off, you need:

  • 1⁄2 cup mixed quinoa
  • 1 1⁄2 cups water
  • 4 nori sheets (just about every supermarket stocks it)
  • 2 tablespoons umeboshi plum vinegar, or apple cider vinegar
  • 1⁄2 small cucumber, washed and cut into batons
  • 1⁄2 an avocado, peeled and thinly sliced lengthways
  • 1⁄4 punnet of fresh alfalfa
  • 1⁄2 a small crunchy carrot, washed, trimmed
  • wasabi and pickled ginger, to serve

Seems like a lot of ingredients but once made these bad boys are their own reward!

Okay, firstly we want to cook our quinoa, remember this cooks just like rice so place it into a pot and fill with water, bring to the boil. Simmer for 10–15 minutes until quinoa is cooked (it will fluff up to triple its original size and appear to have little ‘tails’). Remove from heat and set aside to cool for 10 minutes.

Now we’ve got our quinoa cooked stir in 2 tablespoons of umeboshi plum or apple cider vinegar.

Lay the first nori sheet on a cutting board or rolling mat. Spread a 1 cm thick layer of quinoa evenly over the sheet, leaving a 2 cm strip along the top end (to allow for sealing).

Now lay a line of cucumber, avocado, alfalfa and carrot on top of the quinoa at the bottom edge (closest to you). Moisten the 2 cm strip at the top with a pastry brush dipped in water. Pick up the bottom edge of the sheet and carefully roll it tightly (away from you).Repeat with remaining sheets.

Serve with tamari, wasabi and ginger. Be careful; the wasabi sauce is pretty spicy! These quinoa-nori metabolism boosting wraps are PERFECT for parties! These can take a little time, but so can the creation of some of our treasured inspirations; that good book, that favourite song.

Lola’s website:
Lola’s Facebook:

The Author

Aussie food lover, holistic health coach, adventure seeker and marketer. Packing the happy & healthy into every day.

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