Month: December 2013

Foodie crush: Teresa Cutter

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I have Teresa to thank for my first ever green smoothie. I was sitting in a cafe in Avalon on Sydney’s northern beaches when I saw this huge shining glass of green goodness being delivered to another table. Intrigued I ordered one of my own, along with a delicate poached chicken salad and gluten free cookie. My mind was blown, healthy food could taste that good? The cafe was of course owned by Teresa Cutter […]

10 healthy kitchen staples workshop. Book tonight!

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Be happy / Food & Recipes

**Excitement alert!!** Ever walked into a health food store and walked out more confused than ever? Want to start eating healthy but unsure where to start? Don’t know your chia seeds from your goji berries or have a clue how to use them? I’m hosting a Top Ten Healthy Kitchen Staples workshop along with fellow Holistic Health Coach Stephanie Morish! We’ll give you the freshest info on how to start eating more kick ass nourishing foods, which […]

10 signs you’re a healthy hipster

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Since I began this blog I’ve strived hard to fly the flag for moderation. I’m a big believer in doing your very best to eat the most nourishing food possible, moving your butt every day and scheduling in time to laugh and be in the moment. But you’ll also find me having spontaneous nights out, trying every single traditional food in other countries and smashing my 95-year-old Grandma’s famous chocolate cake. Yes, I ate chocolate chicken […]