10 signs you’re a healthy hipster

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10 Signs You're a Healthy Hipster  |  Every Healthy DaySince I began this blog I’ve strived hard to fly the flag for moderation. I’m a big believer in doing your very best to eat the most nourishing food possible, moving your butt every day and scheduling in time to laugh and be in the moment.

But you’ll also find me having spontaneous nights out, trying every single traditional food in other countries and smashing my 95-year-old Grandma’s famous chocolate cake. Yes, I ate chocolate chicken in Mexico, and yes it was freaking brilliant!

I believe life is meant to be enjoyed without strict rules or living in the black and white. A nice shade of grey is where I’m at. Not 50 shades, but you know what I mean.  

So, in the theme of having a laugh and not taking things to seriously (myself included) – here are ten signs you’re becoming a healthy hipster. Be warned – wellness is addictive – and once made your first bliss ball there’s no going back!

  1. You eat breakfast out of a mason jar. Sorry did I say eat?  I meant drink  – a green smoothie or juice most mornings whilst dreaming of one day owning a Vitamix.

 Instagram snap #bestwaytostarttheday

  1. You think selfies at the farmer’s markets are awesome! And are honestly stoked when you snag the last bunch of organic kale.
  1. You can’t look at a Baker’s Delight without picturing a blood-sugar roller coaster.
  1. Speaking of kale, you don’t go a day without this holy grail of healthfullness. Your week is thrown into turmoil if the farmer’s markets sell out. (see point 2).

I guess spinach will do.

  1. You use the words like fermented, biodynamic and activated on a regular basis. 
  1. It’s totally normal for your fridge to be full of soaking nuts and oats.

To remove the acid of course.

  1. You think you’re a bad-ass when you cook with hemp seeds.

Kind of like you’re in a really small gang.

  1. You can’t exactly remember when you stopped eating gluten. But it happened. And you’re not going back.
  1. You window shop at the health food store.

Oooooh new buckwheat noodles!

  1. You have done at least one of these in the past month; taken kale chips to the movies, used coconut oil as moisturiser or corrected someone on the correct pronunciation of quinoa. “keeeeenwa…..”

And yep, I’m guilty of a few of these….

Ebony x

PS: Any others to add to the list? I’d love to hear them! The more hipster the better.

 Photo Credit: Sky Noir via Compfight cc

The Author

Aussie food lover, holistic health coach, adventure seeker and marketer. Packing the happy & healthy into every day.


  1. Jessica Johnson says

    This made me laugh, smile and cry a little. Everything you said I DO! Lol. Love your site… Love you.

      • Jessica Johnson says

        My daughter read it and said…” Mom! You do all those things!” PS I have had a picture of a vitamix on my counter with a note for my husband!

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