Month: March 2014

Red Velvet Smoothie

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My instagram feed the last few months has been happily hijacked by a never ending scroll of smoothies. Green, purple and ruby red jars of goodness topped with exotic looking edible flowers and bee pollen make me excited about cranking up the blender again and again (and wish I had invented the Vitamix – seriously $1000?). So much blender envy. Blenvy? Sorry. One of the smoothies ‘of the moment’ is the red velvet smoothie. A […]

6 vegetarian meals your boyfriend will dig

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Food & Recipes / Mains

Food is kinda a big deal in our house. We probably talk about it more than your average couple, sending approximately 2.5 work emails per day deciphering what’s going to be on the table tonight, where we plan to eat out next or sending links to recipes we’ll add to our never ending-list for later. Sundays we hit the farmers markets and daydream of fresh German bread and coffee, reminiscing on the best things we’ve […]

Cape Town + a life changing lunch

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Get Outside / Travel

Hello! I’ve been away from my familiar smoothie stained desk for what feels like a long stretch – and I’ve really missed this stuff. I miss tapping away into the never-ending white page and seeing what thoughts come back from far and wide. So where to start? I’m slightly daunted by the task of trying to get my thoughts and photos to resemble a few tidy blog posts, but I’ll give it a crack. The […]