Month: May 2014

A girl learning to surf

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Be happy / Get Outside / Health & Fitness

I made a decision a month ago. I will learn to surf. Period. I’m not shooting for the stars, I don’t want to be Steph Gilmore getting tubed or even attempt to ride a cute little short board. My goal is to take my mini-mal out and look semi-confident in what I’m doing – mainly avoid tripping over my leg rope, doing banana splits or surfacing like a drowned rat after going over the falls. […]

Delightfully healthy frozen yoghurt

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Dessert / Food & Recipes / Snacks

It continues to amaze me how flavoursome and sweet healthy food can be when you take the time to experiment and prepare it in different ways. Especially when it comes to fruit. I hope I’m not alone in saying a bag of lollies (ironically in the shape of fruit) pales in comparison to naturally sweet cherries, strawberries, mangos and pineapples chopped and prepared fresh. I’d also argue that there’s nothing as crisp and refreshing as a […]

Chewy gluten free macaroons

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Food & Recipes / Gluten free / Snacks

It’s Mother’s Day and my Mum is a 10-hour drive away. So I decided, after spending the morning with a couple of  similarly motherless mates, to make some of Mum’s chewy macaroons as an ode to the wonderful lady she is. These chewy delights have topped the favourite list of home-cooked treats of late. Home-cooked treats are the things that Mum whips up when one of her three daughters visits; banana muffins, macaroons and white chocolate […]

Wake up smoothie + becoming a breakfast goddess

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Smoothies & Breakfast

What did you have for breakfast this morning? If the TV ads are anything to go by – the typical working girl is either rushing out the door in a pencil skirt and grabbing some kind of healthy* yoghurt (no time, important business meetings to get to!) or sitting serenely on a balcony in yoga pants spooning in more sugary cereal. It’s not quite reality is it? * Cut the fat, amp up the sugar! […]