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It continues to amaze me how flavoursome and sweet healthy food can be when you take the time to experiment and prepare it in different ways. Especially when it comes to fruit.

I hope I’m not alone in saying a bag of lollies (ironically in the shape of fruit) pales in comparison to naturally sweet cherries, strawberries, mangos and pineapples chopped and prepared fresh. I’d also argue that there’s nothing as crisp and refreshing as a really cold grape eaten on the way to the cash register. You know what I’m talking about fellow grape munchers.

When you don’t over stimulate your taste buds with sugary or artificially sweetened drinks and bars, fruit can become the thing in your diet that really satisfies those sugar cravings. Plus, unlike petrol station snacks, fruit comes with numerous health benefits such as fibre, a spectrum of vitamins, antioxidants and more. Mother nature really had it figured out from day one. Fruit is naturally sweet AND healthy AND grows on trees? Props to her. Sometimes I think about the first caveman-ish type person to discover a mango, hack into it and taste the sweet flesh. Man he must have thought all his dreams had come true right!?* Sure makes a nice change to mountain goat.

* I sometimes think about strange things.

Inspired by the warm Autumn days we are having in Sydney at the moment and the arrival of my new snazzy food processor, I wanted to create a dessert powered by fruit that was cool, refreshing and above all indulged my sweet tooth.

This delightfully healthy frozen yoghurt is so simple it hurts, and (like me) will have you dancing around the kitchen in excitement when you take your first spoonful. IT IS SO GOOD. Ditch the FroYo chain stores and indulge in this home-made recipe that’s natural, refined sugar free and I hope something you’ll add to your dessert repertoire. I really encourage you to experiment with your own flavours and be adventurous with this one!

A healthy dessert substitute for ice-cream or chocolate – I used only a couple of ingredients to prepare three different flavours; kiwi & mint, pineapple and mango, blueberry & banana. You could also spoon this into icy-pole trays and freeze for frozen yoghurt ice-creams on a stick. Deeeelightful.

Ebony x


What you’ll need:

* Makes about 1 big  cup of each flavour

  • 5 x kiwi fruit
  • Bunch of mint
  • 2/3 cup chopped frozen pineapple
  • 2/3 cup chopped frozen  mango
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • ½ frozen banana
  • Honey (raw if you can find it) to sweeten if desired
  • Tub of natural pot set yoghurt  (use coconut yoghurt if you want the recipe to be dairy free). The creamier the yoghurt is the better, so avoid fat-free varieties and watch out for any added sugar
  • High speed food processor or blender

 How to go about it:

Kiwi & Mint

  1. Peel and chop kiwi fruit and place in freezer until frozen solid.
  2. Remove from freezer and add to food processor along with the mint and 2 large tablespoons of yoghurt.
  3. Process until combined and yoghurt has a thick, creamy consistency. Add honey to taste. Serve.

Mango & Pineapple

  1. Peel and chop mango and pineapple into 1 – 2cm squares and place in the freezer until frozen solid. You can also buy frozen mango from the supermarket if you want to speed up the process.
  2. Remove from freezer and add to food processor along with 2 large tablespoons of yoghurt. Process until combined and yoghurt has a thick, creamy consistency Add honey to taste. Serve.

Blueberry & Banana

  1. Combine frozen fruit with 2 large tablespoons of yoghurt.
  2. Process until combined and yoghurt has a thick, creamy consistency Add honey to taste. Serve.

The Author

Aussie food lover, holistic health coach, adventure seeker and marketer. Packing the happy & healthy into every day.

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  1. Alex Dillenbeck says

    Hi EHD, Big fan… Just one thing… I couldn’’t see Mint on the ingredients list… do I need to buy this? ;) xoxo

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