Month: June 2014

Sleep, the key to good health + how to get enough

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It’s funny how often your Mum’s advice turns out to be right on the money. When sickness hit, we were administered a prescription of lots of water, vegetable soup if we were lucky, and then sleep. Lots of sleep. There was no Berocca, ‘immunity’ supplement or the notion of ‘battling’ through. There was simply rest, and trust that your body knew how to heal itself. Sleep isn’t held in such high regard these days. Have […]

Quinoa 3 ways: morning, noon & night

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20 years ago NASA researchers sung the praises of quinoa as a potential new food staple for astronauts due to its superior nutrient density. Talk about being ahead of the game! Quinoa has burst into the homes of many a health-conscious folk in the last two years and cemented itself as a favourite amongst vegans and the gluten-challenged amongst us. So what’s all the fuss about this little grain (or non-grain as you’re about to find […]

Sweet & salty muesli bars

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I recently read an article that encouraged new ‘clean eaters’ to throw away every single thing in their fridge/pantry that came in a package. My initial reaction was wow – that’s a really easy and clearly defined way to clean up your diet! But before I said goodbye to coconut oil forever, I started thinking more about the practicalities of the idea. Are ALL things that come in packages inherently “bad” for you? What about my kick-ass […]