Synchronicity + gluten free pumpkin scones

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I’m going to embrace my inner barefoot hippie and talk a bit about synchronicity. Have you experienced it in your life? It’s a cool idea I was introduced to through my holistic nutrition studies, and one that I’ve been thinking a bit about recently.

In (seriously) layman’s terms, synchronicity is a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung to describe a ‘meaningful coincidence.’ It was described to me in a lecture as an ‘increased awareness of the signals in life’, or the feeling that the universe is nudging you in the right direction. We fledgling nutrition students were encouraged to put all our energy and passion into the things we love in life, and if we did, ‘meaningful coincidences’ will happen more and more often.

What do you think? Can you remember a stage in your life where you met someone at the exact right time? The job you didn’t get only to find your dream career months or years later? That small insignificant action that lead you to a bigger decision?

Whether you believe in it or not, I’ve heard some pretty interesting stories recently. Like my friend who happened to snag a new job over a conversation next to the carrots at the supermarket. Or another friend who was motivated to see a doctor, after an offhand comment from a colleague, to find she was pregnant.

In a much less significant moment, I guess I had my own kind of ‘meaningful coincidence’ this week. A bag of unused brown rice flour lead to some pretty significant travel plans (and an awesome batch of pumpkin scones).

You see when my dear friend Steph left Sydney for the mountains of Colorado 6-months ago, she kindly donated the majority of her pantry staples, including brown rice flour, to lucky little me. I’m talking an entire health food store worth of organic goodies like pomegranate molasses, bags of maca and lucuma powder, enough cacao to last me for years and a fair few unidentifiable ingredients I admit I have no idea how to use.

So when I finally baked with one of her pantry donations, I scheduled in a long overdue Skype catch up to tell her the good news. The catch up turned into 2-hours of inspiring business ideas as well as planning a ‘wellness’ holiday together at the end of the year – a tropical boot camp for our health blogs (you can check out Steph’s Sattva Space here). All because I moved the maple syrup out of the way and spotted a bag of brown rice flour at the back of the cupboard.

What do you reckon, coincidence or a touch of synchronicity? I like the idea that we are all being nudged in the right direction in some way. But I probably won’t be reading too much into every coincidence. For example last week…

Ebony to colleague: I like your socks!
Colleague: ‘They’re cool huh, they’re from Sweden, they’re called Happy Socks!’
{1 day later} Ebony buys magazine and stumbles across feature article about Swedish Happy Sock founders. Is the universe trying to tell me I should move to Sweden or buy some seriously funky socks? The mind boggles!

Hmm we went a little down the rabbit hole there didn’t we. Maybe I watched the movie Sliding Doors too many times as a teenager? None-the-less I like the idea that if you put your positive energy out into the world, good things will come back to you. Period.

Now, back to the business of healthy eating – with this rustic pumpkin scone recipe from the man himself, Jamie Oliver. These scones are really moist and dense, and utilize wheat flour alternatives like brown rice flour and polenta – both which I don’t cook with very often but was keen to experiment with. A healthier alternative to store-bought bread and perfect for anyone with a gluten intolerance, these warm scones are delightful with a dob of organic butter and a cup of tea on a wintery afternoon.

Savoury Pumpkin SconesSavoury Pumpkin Scones with knife copy

GLUTEN FREE SCONES RECIPE * (Please note the method written here does not say when to add the mashed pumpkin – I added it with the other wet ingredients and it worked nicely. Scroll to bottom of page for recipe).

Ebony x

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