Month: August 2014

Healthy summer dips

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This week I had to reach for my first slap of sunscreen after a few too many hours in the afternoon sun with girlfriends. The familiar coconut smell made my heart race with anticipation, and if I closed my eyes it felt like a typical sunny summer afternoon. A few of us even partook in pineapple and coconut icy poles as we lolled around on the grass, soaking up the last of the winter rays. […]

Healthy camp food

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Exhale. Do a backbend. Shake those legs out. It’s been one of those fortnights where I can legitimately say I have been a busy lady.  There’s even been a few days that have taken on hamster and wheel type qualities that are not conducive to good food, good sleep or good anything really.  I try not to be someone who bandies around the word BUSY too easily. Usually I can’t help but be a little […]