Month: January 2015

Chewy lemon & oat cookies

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Food & Recipes / Get Outside / Snacks

We’re off camping next weekend. I just watched the epic movie Wild and am itching to pull on my old boots and get outside aka Reese Witherspoon. Nothing says outdoorsy to me like oats. They really are the perfect camp food – you can have them hot for breakfast and use them tonnes of different ways for snacks that give your legs the energy they need to hike that extra mile (I mean kilometre – I’m […]

Hello 2015 + easy tomato, basil & mozzarella salad

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Food & Recipes / Mains

Hello 2015 and a big hello to you there! Are you feeling as dazed and confused as I am with the arrival of the big 20-15? Are you in the swing of a new year or still grasping onto long summer days and picking bits of Christmas cake out of your salty hair? I’m probably half way between. I’ve got one polished foot in planning mode and the other floating in the ocean, nails chipped […]