Why hello there. Thanks for checking out Every Healthy Day, a blog that shares the day-to-day musings of a healthy gal in constant search of good food, a dose of the outdoors and a kick-ass balanced life. Here you’ll find tonnes of easy nutritious recipes to get you feeling fresh, travel stories to inspire and weekend adventures to get you feeling the wind in your hair.

How did Every Healthy Day begin? 
It took a trip to Mexico, and long conversations with my inner posse to decide to pursue my passion for nutrition & healthy living. A digital marketing professional and now Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I hope to share my thoughts and ideas with you and the infinite blogosphere, learning and laughing with other healthy and awesome people. You in?

What’s your food philosophy?
I don’t follow a particular diet or eating plan or think nutrition should overly complicated. What I do is eat fresh, whole and natural foods that my 95-year old granny would recognise.  I eat for balance, energy and immunity. I eat for shiny hair and a restful sleep.  Plus I work up a sweat every day, don’t take myself too seriously and think Medjool dates are god’s gift to humankind.

Ebony x

‘This is our daily dose of healthy inspiration – a reminder to get outdoors and eat well. Ebony’s beautiful photography will not only have you motivated to whip up her nutritious recipes (they are delicious!) but reconnect with nature and not take yourself too seriously.  A true reminder to do what makes you happy.’  Skin & Threads Clothing, Melbourne


  1. Minty says

    Hey Ebony just stumbled upon your blog looking for a healthy lemon slice recipe… so yum thank youu! Ha I’m so glad to hear there are other die-hard medjool date lovin’ peeps out there, I have a feeling I’m known as ‘the date girl’ at my local natural food shop! They know me when I come in now, ha, they know my weakness.. The shame! Haha but seriously the best! Can’t wait to try out more of your recipes :) And thanks for posting such beautiful and inspiring photos, stories and info, I’m trying to live more balanced and in control, and you’re super helpful! x

    • Hi Minty, thank you! What a wonderful comment to read – I’m so glad you’re finding the blog inspiring and helping in leading a balance life. That is TOTALLY the entire idea behind it! I think being known as the date-girl is kinda awesome. Keep living the dream! Ebony x

  2. hello first thing thank you so much for the amazing blog , i love food and cooking you are making really nice food and healthy ,you help me to find my healthy meal for college and the life , some people look the healthy food not delicious and not happy to eat but you make its amazing i like whats you do cooking and travailing finally I’m happy to find this also the life beautiful thank you again xx

  3. hafsaalkk says

    hello first thing thank you for the amazing blog ,i love cook and food your blog really nice you make healthy food your blog help me to find healthy meal and nice for my college , some people think the healthy food not delicious some thing to eat to be fit but you make life with healthy food ,i like what you do travailing and cooking its amazing , I’m happy to find your blog and see what you make really nice thank you again xx

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