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Quinoa vegetable sushi + is store bought sushi really healthy?

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If you’ve worked an office job in the last 5 years it’s safe to say you would have had sushi for lunch at least once. Right? You’ve probably even done the dash to get the last cooked tuna avo with brown rice or chatted with work mates as the sushi train rolls past, wondering if anyone actually chooses the strange green cake. Seriously what is that? In my experience it’s also fine to assume that […]

Hello 2015 + easy tomato, basil & mozzarella salad

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Hello 2015 and a big hello to you there! Are you feeling as dazed and confused as I am with the arrival of the big 20-15? Are you in the swing of a new year or still grasping onto long summer days and picking bits of Christmas cake out of your salty hair? I’m probably half way between. I’ve got one polished foot in planning mode and the other floating in the ocean, nails chipped […]

Foodie crush: Karina Duncan

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Karina is only 28 years old and already her resume is pretty drool-worthy. After graduating from the University of Melbourne in Creative Arts, she lived the dream of many a-foodie and moved to New York to be trained as a chef at the French Culinary Institute. Since then, she’s focused her skills on food styling – and now works with many high profile photographers and chefs to create those incredible images that make you want […]

10 tips for eating healthy on the cheap

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Cheap and healthy are words we’ve been taught not to associate with each other. We’ve been bombarded with a thousand messages telling us that in order to save money – we need to buy food that’s quick, takeaway, pre-made and pre-packaged, hot hot hot! But peeps, that’s not the case. Healthy food can be the quickest and cheapest food to buy and prepare if you’re smart about it. Here are best tips on ditching the Mi […]