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Acai bowl

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Sweet or savoury, savoury or sweet? Oh god the waitress is approaching. Avocado or blueberries? Eggs or Bircher? Torn, I go with avo on toast with a green smoothie. The ultimate non-committal order. Am I the only one that panics over a breakfast order? Or asks everyone at the table what they’re getting to gather some kind of breakfast survey data prior to making a decision? I’m a sufferer of severe FOFE (Fear of Food […]

Synchronicity + gluten free pumpkin scones

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I’m going to embrace my inner barefoot hippie and talk a bit about synchronicity. Have you experienced it in your life? It’s a cool idea I was introduced to through my holistic nutrition studies, and one that I’ve been thinking a bit about recently. In (seriously) layman’s terms, synchronicity is a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung to describe a ‘meaningful coincidence.’ It was described to me in a lecture as an ‘increased awareness of […]

Quinoa 3 ways: morning, noon & night

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20 years ago NASA researchers sung the praises of quinoa as a potential new food staple for astronauts due to its superior nutrient density. Talk about being ahead of the game! Quinoa has burst into the homes of many a health-conscious folk in the last two years and cemented itself as a favourite amongst vegans and the gluten-challenged amongst us. So what’s all the fuss about this little grain (or non-grain as you’re about to find […]

Wake up smoothie + becoming a breakfast goddess

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What did you have for breakfast this morning? If the TV ads are anything to go by – the typical working girl is either rushing out the door in a pencil skirt and grabbing some kind of healthy* yoghurt (no time, important business meetings to get to!) or sitting serenely on a balcony in yoga pants spooning in more sugary cereal. It’s not quite reality is it? * Cut the fat, amp up the sugar! […]