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Sleep, the key to good health + how to get enough

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It’s funny how often your Mum’s advice turns out to be right on the money. When sickness hit, we were administered a prescription of lots of water, vegetable soup if we were lucky, and then sleep. Lots of sleep. There was no Berocca, ‘immunity’ supplement or the notion of ‘battling’ through. There was simply rest, and trust that your body knew how to heal itself. Sleep isn’t held in such high regard these days. Have […]

A girl learning to surf

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I made a decision a month ago. I will learn to surf. Period. I’m not shooting for the stars, I don’t want to be Steph Gilmore getting tubed or even attempt to ride a cute little short board. My goal is to take my mini-mal out and look semi-confident in what I’m doing – mainly avoid tripping over my leg rope, doing banana splits or surfacing like a drowned rat after going over the falls. […]

Healthy living when travelling + best of London

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Every heard of the ‘Heathrow Injection?’ Some of you will know it all too well… it’s the 5-10kgs all Aussie backpackers and gap year kids seem to whack on simply by arriving in London. BAM. I’ve personally been there and done that. Living and eating at a UK boarding school, becoming a Malibu and Coke connoisseur and consuming my fair share of tea and biscuits really was not a great idea in hindsight. Who’d have […]

Food traditions + a very famous chocolate cake

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One thing that has stuck with me since my travels through Europe is the sense of tradition up there. In particular when it comes to food and family. Singing Swedish Snapsvisor (drinking songs) before Christmas lunch while sipping glögg (hot mulled wine), dunking bread in a sizzling pot of melting cheese in Switzerland and chatting to an Italian café owner about how he makes his buffalo mozzarella are some of my favourite travel memories. Aussies […]