Sweet potato fudge brownies

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The older I get, the less urge I have to eat meat. It’s been a slow and steady progression from eating meat semi-regularly at home, to foregoing red meat for white meat and fish, to now embracing awesome veggies most days of the week.

I don’t hold myself to any strict labels (although flexitarian sounds nicely vague enough), instead trying to eat foods that feel good at the time and enable me to have a healthy social life. This is so important! I guess you could safely say I eat a plant-based diet with the occasional pulled pork taco thrown in when prepared from scratch, with love from the lad. Like I said, better to keep it vague right?

Eating a plant based diet means I’ve developed a huge respect for the humble veggie, and am continuously intrigued by the detailed nutritional profile of each and every plant. From cucumber to cauliflower – each is designed in its own special way to give the body what it needs. It’s incredible when you think about it. I mean, the humble button mushroom has been proven to reduce the risk of breast, colon, stomach and prostate cancer. Surely that’s a sign we were born to eat vegetables every day! Read More

Scando cool. A guide to Stockholm and Oslo

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If you happen to find me snivelling into my blueberry smoothie this week, don’t be alarmed. I’m suffering from a serious post-Scando come down after what can only be described as an adventure of a lifetime to Sweden and Norway.

A belated apology for the influx of nature porn via Instagram over the last few weeks – but I couldn’t resist sharing with you glimpses of the most incredible destinations I’ve ever been lucky enough to explore.

There are so many days from our trip I want to tell you about, like the day we surfed inside the Artic Circle in 4C water, or the day we caught and ate our own Norwegian cod in a fjord in the middle of a freaking fruit farm – I kid you not, Norway is the place of outdoor fairy-tales. So much so I’m tempted to write the worlds longest blog post….

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Imperfect gluten-free hot cross buns

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Happy Easter!

I hope I’m not too late to the party with this healthy little recipe. I’m sure there are still a few of you trying to figure out what to bring to the family lunch today, or who have a hankering for something really comforting to satisfy your sweet tooth for the rest of the Easter long weekend.

In all honesty I wasn’t sure I was going to make hot cross buns this year – I was thinking it might be a raw chocolate kind of Easter and had a few recipes up my sleeve to try out. But the weather gods have conspired to create a nice little combination of wind, rain and huge whitecaps out to sea. I’m typing this while watching sheets of water slide down the window, my feet tucked under the doona. In other words – the ideal conditions for warm buns fresh out of the oven. (Friends in sunny Victoria, I don’t want to hear it).

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Happy digestion smoothie

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Off the back of a big food, big wine, big fun weekend and a madly busy week at work, I thought I’d talk about digestion. Yep, I’m sure you’ve all had days when you just feel a bit out of whack – too much of the wrong foods, not enough of the right, not enough water, stress, lack of sleep and lack of exercise are all reasons your digestion might not be working as it should.

Aint nobody got time for that.

Do you know your gut has a huge network of 100 million neurons similar to the ones in your brain? Nicknamed the ‘second brain’ – research is putting increasing importance on keeping your gut in tiptop shape for overall wellness and vitality (hello fermented foods).

Not only that, your second brain can have a huge effect on mood and emotions. Butterflies in the stomach, a response to stress is just one easy example. The health of your gut has also been linked to depression and anxiety. One of my teachers at IIN used to say if our world leaders ate more greens and drank more water – we’d have a more peaceful world. Interesting thought right? Read More