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Spiced blueberry muffins

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Today I made Green Kitchen Stories’ Tumeric Breakfast Muffins with a few convenient tweaks – and can safely add them to my short but solid list of favourites. I confess I’m not usually a huge muffin fan – except for the time I become obsessed with Commissary’s bran muffins for a 2-week period in West Hollywood – they’re not on my regular rotation. When I do get down to baking them however, they have to be kind of […]

Synchronicity + gluten free pumpkin scones

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I’m going to embrace my inner barefoot hippie and talk a bit about synchronicity. Have you experienced it in your life? It’s a cool idea I was introduced to through my holistic nutrition studies, and one that I’ve been thinking a bit about recently. In (seriously) layman’s terms, synchronicity is a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung to describe a ‘meaningful coincidence.’ It was described to me in a lecture as an ‘increased awareness of […]

The healthy ANZAC biscuit

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I’m posting this as fast as my little fingers can type to give all you amazing healthy peeps the chance to bake these before tomorrow (which for those international visitors is ANZAC day here in Oz). ANZAC day is commemorated on the 25th of April each year, and is a time to remember all those who lost their lives in service to their country, in all wars. So how did the ANZAC biscuit come about? Well, the […]