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Delightfully healthy frozen yoghurt

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It continues to amaze me how flavoursome and sweet healthy food can be when you take the time to experiment and prepare it in different ways. Especially when it comes to fruit. I hope I’m not alone in saying a bag of lollies (ironically in the shape of fruit) pales in comparison to naturally sweet cherries, strawberries, mangos and pineapples chopped and prepared fresh. I’d also argue that there’s nothing as crisp and refreshing as a […]

Gluten free oven baked pancakes

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Do you eat differently during the week compared to the weekends? I certainly do, and not because I’m following some weird intermittent fasting diet (eish don’t get me started). I’ve decided it’s a bit of a combination of having more time on my hands and allowing myself to let my hair down and really enjoy my food. During the week I try to prepare my office lunches at the start of the week, breakfast is […]

Happy Days

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Be happy

  Today was a happy  and inspirational day. I began my holistic nutrition studies for the year, I worked from home and squeezed in an early morning run and swim with one of my favourite people in the world, my older sister. The sun shone, I ate good food, and realised my bike was in the garage (as opposed to stolen which for 10 panic stricken minutes was a real possibility). Breakfast: Chia seed and […]

Coconut chia porridge

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This weekend has not been Sydney’s best performance weather wise. Serious wind, rain and grey grey grey. It was the type of weekend that makes you reluctantly realise summer is winding down for another year. Sob! So, in the unhappy spirit of winter slowly approaching, I decided mid-run to ditch my standard green smoothie breakfast for something a little more cosy. This is a winter favourite you can’t really beat. Ingredients: Handful chia seeds Handful raw buckwheat seeds […]