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Berry coconut breakfast smoothie

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I got a bit crazy this morning and drank my smoothie out of a coconut. I know what you’re thinking…. revolutionary! Bonus points for no washing up and feeling uber tropical. Ingredients: Coconut water from 1 fresh young coconut Splash of almond milk 2 cups frozen mixed berries 1/2 tablespoon vegan rice protein powder (I use the Sun Warrior brand you can find at all health food or vitamin stores) 2 tablespoons of organic rolled oats […]

Gluten free oven baked pancakes

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Food & Recipes / Gluten free / Smoothies & Breakfast

Do you eat differently during the week compared to the weekends? I certainly do, and not because I’m following some weird intermittent fasting diet (eish don’t get me started). I’ve decided it’s a bit of a combination of having more time on my hands and allowing myself to let my hair down and really enjoy my food. During the week I try to prepare my office lunches at the start of the week, breakfast is […]

Raw berry and fig cheesecake

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Dessert / Food & Recipes

Taadaaa! I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty chuffed with my first attempt at a fully raw and healthy cheesecake. Who knew nuts, dates and berries could combine to form such indulgence. The more I research raw dessert recipes, the more amazed I am at both their simplicity and creativeness. When you can’t bake or heat your food – it may seem limiting at first – but once you master the basics of raw the […]