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Healthy camp food

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Exhale. Do a backbend. Shake those legs out. It’s been one of those fortnights where I can legitimately say I have been a busy lady.  There’s even been a few days that have taken on hamster and wheel type qualities that are not conducive to good food, good sleep or good anything really.  I try not to be someone who bandies around the word BUSY too easily. Usually I can’t help but be a little […]

10 healthy kitchen staples workshop. Book tonight!

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**Excitement alert!!** Ever walked into a health food store and walked out more confused than ever? Want to start eating healthy but unsure where to start? Don’t know your chia seeds from your goji berries or have a clue how to use them? I’m hosting a Top Ten Healthy Kitchen Staples workshop along with fellow Holistic Health Coach Stephanie Morish! We’ll give you the freshest info on how to start eating more kick ass nourishing foods, which […]

Throw together bliss balls + superfoods explained

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The world of ‘wellness’ can be a funny one sometimes. It’s a bit like the fashion industry  – where fads come and go before you can say royal jelly, and one is that populated by people who tend to forget not everybody is concerned about the mercury level in that tuna sashimi you’re about to eat. I admit, striving for optimal wellness can be addictive. I’m won’t shy away from the fact that I can […]