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Raw cranberry and walnut truffles

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I’d like to alert you all to the fact that we are already almost ONE THIRD of the way through 2013. I would normally be inclined to say wtf? but my lovely aunty reads this blog and told me over the weekend that she prefers to think ‘wtf’ stands for Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. So I’ll keep my potty mouth to myself. Hi Aunty Julie if you’re reading! I used to roll my eyes when adults complained to […]

Raw lemon balls

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These zingy little raw treats were a bit of an late eveing experiment coming into the fabulous time of year that is the Easter long weekend. When else do you get 4 glorious days dedicated to soaking up the last of the fading summer sun, enjoying precious time with loved ones or packing up the car for a bit of an escape. I love Easter for that reason – it’s relaxing and has no expectations. You can just […]

Sunday sessions: March

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It still astounds me how much I love Sundays. They feel a bit more comfy than Saturdays for some reason, more relaxed and with less expectations. You can cocoon yourself in a doona for as long as you desire, watch an entire season of Suits (if you don’t know Suits, you should) or forget to wear socially acceptable clothing and no one would bat a weary eyelid. Sundays are the shiz. Despite, I admit, having ticked off […]