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Raw berry and fig cheesecake

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Taadaaa! I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty chuffed with my first attempt at a fully raw and healthy cheesecake. Who knew nuts, dates and berries could combine to form such indulgence. The more I research raw dessert recipes, the more amazed I am at both their simplicity and creativeness. When you can’t bake or heat your food – it may seem limiting at first – but once you master the basics of raw the […]

Raw cranberry and walnut truffles

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I’d like to alert you all to the fact that we are already almost ONE THIRD of the way through 2013. I would normally be inclined to say wtf? but my lovely aunty reads this blog and told me over the weekend that she prefers to think ‘wtf’ stands for Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. So I’ll keep my potty mouth to myself. Hi Aunty Julie if you’re reading! I used to roll my eyes when adults complained to […]

Raw lemon balls

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These zingy little raw treats were a bit of an late eveing experiment coming into the fabulous time of year that is the Easter long weekend. When else do you get 4 glorious days dedicated to soaking up the last of the fading summer sun, enjoying precious time with loved ones or packing up the car for a bit of an escape. I love Easter for that reason – it’s relaxing and has no expectations. You can just […]

Raw chocolate brownie

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Okay, it’s time to have your socks rocked by this stupidly easy, decadent and healthy raw treat. Did I say raw, yes I did! If you’re new the raw food concept, it means eating food as close to it’s natural form as possible – and of course not heating or cooking anything over about 46 degrees. I’m going to write more about this down the track, as it’s a food movement that is very in-vogue […]