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10 signs you’re a healthy hipster

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Since I began this blog I’ve strived hard to fly the flag for moderation. I’m a big believer in doing your very best to eat the most nourishing food possible, moving your butt every day and scheduling in time to laugh and be in the moment. But you’ll also find me having spontaneous nights out, trying every single traditional food in other countries and smashing my 95-year-old Grandma’s famous chocolate cake. Yes, I ate chocolate chicken […]

Green bircher muesli + 5 easy ways to go organic

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I tend to see the organic versus conventional produce debate a bit like the old Vitamin D and skin cancer nutshell. Let me explain. So you’re out in the sunshine soaking up that all-important Vitamin D, essential for good health. Go you! Rejoice for healthy bones! Until you realise that too much sunlight can give you skin cancer and you’re diving for the 30+. What the deuce? What’s a girl to do? Same goes for […]

‘Cheesy’ kale chips

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Cheese flavoured Doritos are probably the furthest thing from real food you can get. The shape, the shelf life, that radioactive orange colour! Do they even contain corn? Questionable. It’s a known fact they have about the same nutritional value as a paper bag, and it’s pretty obvious that ingesting copious amounts of dextrin, maltodextrin, dextrose, processed flour, corn syrup, transfat, MSG + 32 other unrecognisable ingredients isn’t the best thing for you. Duh. But […]

Super sanga with creamy lemon tahini dressing

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Sometimes you just need to eat a sandwich. It’s a time when no salad in the world is going to satisfy, when an undeniable urge comes over you to crunch down on some awesomeness between two (or in this case one) bits of bread. This bad boy of a sanga more than satisfies, it packs a nutritious whallop, is vegan & veggie friendly and tastes really really good. Bread: I used a toasted organic buckwheat loaf that I […]