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Chunky carrot, date and chia seed power bars

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I love carrot cake. Okay let’s be frank I love most kind of cakes, but the carrot variety in particular as it contains a VEGETABLE, which gives it a free pass to being healthy right? …….. right? Hmmm if only it were that easy – I’d be adding carrots to sticky date pudding, BBQ shapes and rocky road ice cream in no time. Who’s with me!? Unfortunately ALL the ingredients you put in your mouth […]

Happy Days

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Be happy

  Today was a happy  and inspirational day. I began my holistic nutrition studies for the year, I worked from home and squeezed in an early morning run and swim with one of my favourite people in the world, my older sister. The sun shone, I ate good food, and realised my bike was in the garage (as opposed to stolen which for 10 panic stricken minutes was a real possibility). Breakfast: Chia seed and […]