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Flourless banana pancakes & other things I’m loving this week

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Hey there healthy beans. It’s been a little while since my last post – and I blame the bloody delicious sunshine. The early summer heat that calls to me every morning, afternoon and evening – whispering to get outside, to ignore my phone, laptop and camera, to get in the water, read a book, go for walk. And friends I’ve been answering the call with gusto. So it was going to take something special to […]

Raw caramel tart to impress your mates

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I have this delectable summer tart to thank for reigniting my love affair with raw sweets. You see I’ve unintentionally jumped off the raw bandwagon recently. I blame bliss ball saturation. Or perhaps my head couldn’t take another round of almonds vs food processor. And I did bite into (god forbid) a dodgy medjool date only last week. I know, such blasphemy. Thankfully though, my short-lived raw hiatus came to an end when a dinner […]

Green bircher muesli + 5 easy ways to go organic

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I tend to see the organic versus conventional produce debate a bit like the old Vitamin D and skin cancer nutshell. Let me explain. So you’re out in the sunshine soaking up that all-important Vitamin D, essential for good health. Go you! Rejoice for healthy bones! Until you realise that too much sunlight can give you skin cancer and you’re diving for the 30+. What the deuce? What’s a girl to do? Same goes for […]