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Gluten free oven baked pancakes

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Do you eat differently during the week compared to the weekends? I certainly do, and not because I’m following some weird intermittent fasting diet (eish don’t get me started). I’ve decided it’s a bit of a combination of having more time on my hands and allowing myself to let my hair down and really enjoy my food. During the week I try to prepare my office lunches at the start of the week, breakfast is […]

Xander’s Swedish pancakes

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Food & Recipes / Smoothies & Breakfast

Food has this wonderful way of transporting you back in time. All my strongest childhood memories revolve around food, from Dad’s religious ‘Friday Night Pizzas,’ to my squeals of delight when Golden Syrup dumplings were served up as a special dessert. In my boyfriends Swedish family, a birthday morning is not complete without a moutwatering stack of the thinnest crêpes you can imagine. I’ve made several attempts to copy these light, golden circles of deliciousness on my own, but it seems my […]