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What is VB6? Plus a choc-banana chia pudding

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‘All the benefits of a strict diet, without the deprivation.’ Sounds great right. But could you do it? I loved the concept of Mark Bittman’s new book VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6pm from the moment I first read about it in the Sydney Morning Herald. It immediately made simple sense to me, and played into my ‘everything in moderation’ standpoint in the nutrition world. Yes, we should be eating more fruits and vegetables and less animal products […]

Friday’s f-yeah food: eggs free range

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YOU COMPLETE ME: the protein found in eggs includes all 8 essential amino acids FORGET-ME-NOT: eggs contain choline which aids with brain and memory function, plus they’re packed with folate, vitamin D AND calcium. STUDENTS REJOICE: they’re cheap as chips (or in this case eggs) FUN FACT: You can tell if an egg is hard-cooked or raw by just giving it a spin. If it spins easily – cooked, if it wobbles all over the […]