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Quinoa 3 ways: morning, noon & night

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20 years ago NASA researchers sung the praises of quinoa as a potential new food staple for astronauts due to its superior nutrient density. Talk about being ahead of the game! Quinoa has burst into the homes of many a health-conscious folk in the last two years and cemented itself as a favourite amongst vegans and the gluten-challenged amongst us. So what’s all the fuss about this little grain (or non-grain as you’re about to find […]

Chunky carrot, date and chia seed power bars

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I love carrot cake. Okay let’s be frank I love most kind of cakes, but the carrot variety in particular as it contains a VEGETABLE, which gives it a free pass to being healthy right? …….. right? Hmmm if only it were that easy – I’d be adding carrots to sticky date pudding, BBQ shapes and rocky road ice cream in no time. Who’s with me!? Unfortunately ALL the ingredients you put in your mouth […]

Seed powered quinoa and date muffins

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I’ve  been munching down on these little bundles of seed-powered goodness for the last week with sweet enthusiasm.  They cross all the essential breakfast boxes – they’re low-sugar, high-protein and full of fibre, PLUS they’re packing some awesome B vitamins, iron and calcium. Tick tick tick. Try having one slightly warm, with a spread of almond butter and I promise you’ll want to give me a big hug afterwards. I came across the recipe over at […]

Cooh Cafe

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  Jennifer Hawkins and I have something in common. It’s not so much a physical trait (a girl can dream) but more so a geographical one. You see Jen has recently set up house down the road from me, and frequents one of my favourite local hangouts – COOH Cafe & Specialty Roaster in North Curl Curl. A few weeks ago she gave the hip cafe a shout out on Instagram (and to her army […]