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Healthy lemon slice + a bakers guide to raw food

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I first fell for the raw brownie, then the raw bliss balls and pretty soon I was riding the raw dessert train all the way to cheesecake nirvana. You could say I’m a baker turned master of the food processor. So what’s all the fuss about raw desserts? And is it really better for you? The raw food movement is gaining huge momentum in foodie circles, fuelled by green smoothies and the urge to get […]

Foodie Crush: Amanda Brocket

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Foodie Crush

I initially stumbled across Amanda from The Raw Food Kitchen via her Facebook page (where she hosts an impressive 20,000 followers) and was excited to learn she is based only a few beaches away from me in Sydney. Inspired through my studies by guest lecturer David Wolfe – the world renowned foodie and poster-child of the raw world, I was proud to see Amanda doing her thing for the raw food movement in our own backyard. Like […]