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Raw caramel tart to impress your mates

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I have this delectable summer tart to thank for reigniting my love affair with raw sweets. You see I’ve unintentionally jumped off the raw bandwagon recently. I blame bliss ball saturation. Or perhaps my head couldn’t take another round of almonds vs food processor. And I did bite into (god forbid) a dodgy medjool date only last week. I know, such blasphemy. Thankfully though, my short-lived raw hiatus came to an end when a dinner […]

Foodie Crush: Amanda Brocket

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Foodie Crush

I initially stumbled across Amanda from The Raw Food Kitchen via her Facebook page (where she hosts an impressive 20,000 followers) and was excited to learn she is based only a few beaches away from me in Sydney. Inspired through my studies by guest lecturer David Wolfe – the world renowned foodie and poster-child of the raw world, I was proud to see Amanda doing her thing for the raw food movement in our own backyard. Like […]