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Raw cranberry and walnut truffles

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I’d like to alert you all to the fact that we are already almost ONE THIRD of the way through 2013. I would normally be inclined to say wtf? but my lovely aunty reads this blog and told me over the weekend that she prefers to think ‘wtf’ stands for Wednesday-Thursday-Friday. So I’ll keep my potty mouth to myself. Hi Aunty Julie if you’re reading! I used to roll my eyes when adults complained to […]

Homemade almond and date milk

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I finally got my act together and whipped up a batch of my very own almond milk. The resulting deliciousness made me wonder why I had hesitated for so long! I’ve been buying the long-life variety from the supermarket for the last 6-months or so in a bid to reduce the amount of soy in my diet. There’s a lot of debate over whether soy products are good or bad for you (read some of the concerning facts and […]

Happy Days

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Be happy

  Today was a happy  and inspirational day. I began my holistic nutrition studies for the year, I worked from home and squeezed in an early morning run and swim with one of my favourite people in the world, my older sister. The sun shone, I ate good food, and realised my bike was in the garage (as opposed to stolen which for 10 panic stricken minutes was a real possibility). Breakfast: Chia seed and […]

Xander’s Swedish pancakes

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Food has this wonderful way of transporting you back in time. All my strongest childhood memories revolve around food, from Dad’s religious ‘Friday Night Pizzas,’ to my squeals of delight when Golden Syrup dumplings were served up as a special dessert. In my boyfriends Swedish family, a birthday morning is not complete without a moutwatering stack of the thinnest crêpes you can imagine. I’ve made several attempts to copy these light, golden circles of deliciousness on my own, but it seems my […]