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Happy digestion smoothie

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Off the back of a big food, big wine, big fun weekend and a madly busy week at work, I thought I’d talk about digestion. Yep, I’m sure you’ve all had days when you just feel a bit out of whack – too much of the wrong foods, not enough of the right, not enough water, stress, lack of sleep and lack of exercise are all reasons your digestion might not be working as it […]

Wake up smoothie + becoming a breakfast goddess

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Smoothies & Breakfast

What did you have for breakfast this morning? If the TV ads are anything to go by – the typical working girl is either rushing out the door in a pencil skirt and grabbing some kind of healthy* yoghurt (no time, important business meetings to get to!) or sitting serenely on a balcony in yoga pants spooning in more sugary cereal. It’s not quite reality is it? * Cut the fat, amp up the sugar! […]

Red Velvet Smoothie

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My instagram feed the last few months has been happily hijacked by a never ending scroll of smoothies. Green, purple and ruby red jars of goodness topped with exotic looking edible flowers and bee pollen make me excited about cranking up the blender again and again (and wish I had invented the Vitamix – seriously $1000?). So much blender envy. Blenvy? Sorry. One of the smoothies ‘of the moment’ is the red velvet smoothie. A […]