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Healthy Austrian Linzer Cookies

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Hello everyone! It’s officially my first post from our new temporary home, complete with the tiniest kitchen you’ve even seen. We’re living in the mountain town of Innsbruck, in the west of Austria, wedged between Switzerland, Italy and Germany. We’re still getting used to the idea of driving one hour and being in an entirely new country, when at home we would be fighting to make it to Bondi in under an hour. It’s a […]

Sweet potato fudge brownies

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The older I get, the less urge I have to eat meat. It’s been a slow and steady progression from eating meat semi-regularly at home, to foregoing red meat for white meat and fish, to now embracing awesome veggies most days of the week. I don’t hold myself to any strict labels (although flexitarian sounds nicely vague enough), instead trying to eat foods that feel good at the time and enable me to have a […]

Raw snickers bar + the sugar free myth

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Let me start off by saying I don’t count calories or points, and I definitely don’t weigh my protein or carbs. Bor-ing. Instead I try to implement a bit of common sense and listen to my body when it tells me I’m full (sometimes it yells more loudly than others, or maybe I have selective hearing). You could say I take a pretty holistic approach to food – and part of that is making time for […]